Monday, 28 April 2008

Answers in Genesis

Fuck me I nearly slashed my wrist's, the fucking tedium of trawling through what amounts to a couple of fairy tales loosely cobbled together with lists of people that today would be locked away in a soft walled cell.
Answers in genesis, are there any?
Yes! Shocked, don't be, the answers in genesis, are the answers to the following questions.
  1. Did some people in ancient Canaan spend too much time in the sun ?
  2. Did they sit around campfires getting shitfaced telling each other bullshit stories ?
  3. Were they averse to some man on man loving ?
  4. Were Wives and Daughters equal in status to livestock ?
  5. Was it Ok to whore out the said Wives, Daughters and Widows of family members ?
  6. Was killing an unwanted suitor acceptable practice ?
  7. Is incest acceptable in polite society?
  8. Is the Idea of god the product of a seriously deranged imagination ?
  9. Could you get, feed and keep specimens of the worlds animal population in your local kwik E mart for ten month's ?
  10. Has modern science discovered anything that some uneducated camel shagger may not of been aware of 6,000 years ago ?
  11. Was there an astrological base for the judean /christian/islamic/mormon mythos ?

If these are the questions you are asking yes the answers are there. If however your questions are where did the universe/man/animals etc. come from. then you are as bat shit crazy as the lunatic family we have just been reading about.

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