Thursday, 14 August 2008

Before I continue I have to say Thankyou to Poodles as she has given me an award. I am now apparently obliged to award 7 others. So here goes.

Firstly, Vamp for the initial inspiration to start this endeavour the second would have gone to T&A for the same reason but unfortunately, at least for the time being he has ceased blogging. Next I choose Buffy,also wishing her the best for the future as she and her partner have just married and are on their honeymoon. Then Berlzebub for showing me what can be achieved if people take the trouble to work together. The next must go to the team at the Pink Triangle, a daily read for me. Enshoku for taking an interest. Am I allowed to give Poodles one ? There's a double entendre if I ever saw one. Finally, for showing us all how important education is,how twisted believers can be, how ridiculous such beliefs are and services to Atheism above and beyond the call of duty, but mostly because it suits my warped sense of humour I would like to award Nancy.
There are many blogs listed on my sidebar that I frequently visit but I am not a frequent commenter on them so I don't honestly feel comfortable giving them an award directly, but a special mention to the following.. The Athiest Experience, The Watcher and Tail and Gills

Oh dear !
It seems Nancy has had to go lie down. Perhaps the award I gave her was too much for her poor delicate sensitivities and given her "vapours". Or maybe the baby she is carrying is the Antichrist and his horns are scraping her womb.


Vamp said...

Frick if don't need a gall darn hankie, Baal. Thanks (& I miss T&A too).

And, yes, Nancy is a piece of work. I really wish I could "save" her. Butt, (misspell for you Nan) as they say "she's made her bed, let her sleep in it", but I don't know how the heck she can even sleep. Oh wait, I know, her husband tells her "SLEEP!", I guess...

Anonymous said...

I am balless ball, for I choose to go as anonymous. Nah, it's me enshoku, but blogger lost my password(that's right, always blame someone else!) and I am actually having to email back and forth tech support...thanks for the award though, and no you can't give poodle one, that would cause a multiplicative paradox that would completely crash both blogs(it wouldn't destroy blogspot because google take precautions against such asplosions).

Poodles said...

I hope the one I got was big. ;-D

Baal's Bum said...

Big as I can manage