Monday, 8 October 2012

          Long time readers will know I very rarely speak of my life or for that matter anything else other than the project in hand. However this saturday I witnessed something truly beautiful that I feel I must share.

          Over the years I have attended many weddings of heterosexual couples, most have been enjoyable, some better than others as I am sure you can all understand. In any of these I have never felt particulaly emotional about one way or another. In no way is that supposed to detract in any way from any ones joining, that is just me and the way I am wired.

           A very good friend of mine, a Guy I have known for many, many years finally got married.

          The ceremony was held in the main central town hall of the city he and his partner live in.
The ceremony began by both giving a short speech, proclaiming their love for each other.
The official words were said and the couple and witnesses did the legal signatures on the official paperwork. They were then proclaimed a couple and had their “first” kiss.

           Many photographs and congratulations later the party moved to an Italian restaurant where the speeches were given. 
      Now if you have not already guessed, the couple are two gay men. My old friend has no family; his husbands father started his speech with the words “I never expected to have a son in law” Not surprising as he is the father of two boys. He then went on to speak of how glad he and his wife were that their son had found love and was committed to being a couple. By this time I felt a strange sensation, I was close to shedding a tear.
His other son then stood up and welcomed my old friend to his family and reiterated the warmth and acceptance proclaimed by his father. By this time at least one eye was definitely leaking. Then followed the speeches of the best men, again love, support and joy was all that was given. Followed by two beautiful speeches from the grooms. I was furiously wiping my eyes by this time hoping no one had noticed the tears streaming from my ocular organs. If anyone wishes to call this event a "civil partnership" then they are fools, It was a wedding in all senses of the word.

             This was followed by a particularly good three course meal, I was seated with some people I didn't know and am now glad I have met. then onto a wedding party, which the Grooms arrived in an antique car loaned to them by a friend of the previously mentioned Father.

           I wish I had the words to convey the emotions this wedding has caused me to feel, but suffice to say even writing this now has caused a tear.

           I raise my proverbial glass to the happy couple and wish them every happiness. May they always feel as they did on their wedding day. Have a good life and may you always share it.

 I now know why so many people are against gay weddings....... 

......................It's because Gay's do it better!

 The Grooms favourite charity any and all donations or involvement welcome and needed


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