Monday, 13 September 2010

Ruth Recap

So there we have it
One of the short books in the bible. This, apart from the obvious question.Why is it even there? . It also makes me wonder why was it so short. I get the definite impression it has been clipped.
First of all Ruth is about a woman, No shit, I hear you cry. OK. Not only is about a woman, she is important enough to have her own book with her own name as the title. Apart from the apocryphal gospel of Mary Magdalene this does not happen anywhere else. It has been suggested, that once, Ruth was part of Judges, and has been separated. This might explain the shortness but does not explain the elevation of what should be a minor character.
So why was she so important?, whatever it was must have been edited out of the book. All the book tells us is
Girl gets married
Girl takes on raving religion of her married family.
Girl gets widowed.
Girl moves to her ex husbands home land
Girl meets rich guy
Girl throws herself at him like an Essex girl after five blue wkds.
Rich guy buys her off someone who apparently inherited her?????
Yes there is a mention of her part in the bloodline, that literally tagged on the end. But why is she first?, why is the book not primarily about her husband?
Answers to these questions and more are listed here.
Whether or not they are satisfactory remains to be seen, there is always a chance no matter how slim something will turn up somewhere to allow a further inkling into the history of it all.

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