Thursday, 2 September 2010

Judges Recap

Well what can I say?
It has been many, many years since I read Judges. Again I find myself thinking If these are examples to be used as guides for behaviour,surely they are examples of how not to behave.Instead the "priesthood and their ilk advertise different messages.Am I wrong? You decide.
With the myth of Samson we are shown a fool that like so many,no doubt before and since has fallen for the wrong partner. A route that leads to insane actions of revenge and ultimately to his destruction.
Instead we are told of de lards miracle of Samson's strength and the emphasis is on following de lard's wishes to get de lard to love him enough to give him back his strength which still leads to his death but with de lards gift so it is OK.
Then we have a similar story to the tale of Lot's experience in the city of Sodom. As in that story we are told it is better to throw your women to to wolves than deal with the problem yourself. This is then used as an excuse for mass revenge which involves the death and slavery of thousands of people.
Again instead of the obvious moral that revenge achieves nothing the religious give the message "don't fuck with de lards chosen ones" (which of course means christans as well as Israelis.)
So what we are left with is a beautiful example of how scripture can and is twisted to mean exactly what the priesthood wants, there are truths in the bible just not the ones the higher echelons of churches want you to see.

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