Monday, 10 November 2008

Leviticus Recap

We have seen Moses really starting to lay down the law,or laws. Some things seem to be genuinely for the good of the people, but many seem to be out and out fund raisers for the fledgeling priesthood. The remainder just a list of "aint it awfuls" setting down behavioural concepts of things that really do have nothing to do with anyone apart from the people doing it.

We have seen the literal beginning of the judaeo-christian need to "put their women in their place", and the definitive beginning of homophobia.
We begin to see plans for the dividing up of a land that was unfortunate enough to have the semi- nomadic Abraham move through centuries earlier, giving these un-homed refugees a reason to usurp the people already dwelling there.

This whole episode takes what may have been,an original spurt towards an ideal for a better life, to a very different level. The god illusion that was used as a vehicle to gain the trust and give direction has now stepped up a level and has taken control. Moses is now speaking solely for god, Jethro seems to finally have dropped completely out of the picture. The last suggestion of him iterated in a dubious liaison with the still grieving Aaron. Shortly before god Moses laying down the laws of getting laid.

On top of this well of subjugation,intolerance and repression time again has proved the so called god of Moses as not omnipotent or omniscient. Begging the question why after all these years these texts are still being taken as the literal truth and proof of some divine loving creator. An entity that if did exist is fuelled by pain, jealousy and suffering.

An entity that is given power by millions of fools, basking in their god's glow to give pride and reason to thier irrational fears and prejudices.

Fools that when on occasion they doubt their beliefs go to the pastor/priest who knows he must convince the doubtful they are wrong or the golden goose stops laying.

When will people wake up and see then, as is now the only beneficiaries of this con ARE the priesthood and the church.


Vamp said...

You used the "C" word in your labels, and rightfully so.

Hey, where/how do find your stories in the sidebar to the right? Do you "google" certain words, like I do? You must be doing something I'm not, because you *DO* find the most interesting stuff.

Baal's Bum said...

You call it the "C" word.
Do you know it has been fairly recently given the status of a "taboo" word it was in common usage till a couple maybe three hundred years ago. Threadneedle st in London(where all the banks are) was once a known area for prostitutes, then it was (official name ) Grope Cunt Lane.

As for my news item sources I am too lazy to google certain words so I get many from and the BBC news and occasionally the fortean times.
What continues to surprise me is the sheer number of incidents these god bothering so called "good" people make complete arseholes of themselves by doing stuff they say they are above doing. It's often not so much what they do but who is doing it. Things such as Ted Haggard need I say more.