Monday, 1 September 2008

Exodus Recap

Well there we have it, the Israelites break from their cruel Egyptian masters by the clever leadership of the great Moses with the help of their all seeing god.A god that is so wise he leads them to a land that although green at times is fairly equatorial thus prone to drought and therefore famine. Ok it is a bit further but why didn't he lead them to somewhere with a bit more ambient climate. Instead of hanging around in the desert for fourty years they could have trekked vaguely northwards to almost anywhere vaguely European which although greatly increases your chances of meeting the french has got to be better than the continual strife....then again de lard said they were his chosen people ....just not what for.

Or not........We started with the "miraculous" saving of the baby Moses which so happens to be almost Identical to the divine saving of Sargon the great, the founder of the Akkadian city state empire of approximately 1,000 years earlier.
As a young man Moses allegedly raised as a prince commits manslaughter in dubious circumstances and goes on the lam.

If he was part of the royal household as the bible states I doubt he would have much to fear from prosecution unless the person he killed was of a higher social rank than himself. This begs the question, What was his social status ?
(as he seems a bit backward and seems to be treated as a royal toy)

While on the lam he meets a young woman at the local watering hole. Her father, a Midianite priest seems happy to marry his daughter off to this fugitive.After which when Moses is alone god appears in the form of a burning bush. It is noteworthy that the text makes a point of Moses being alone. Upon receiving instructions from de lawd Moses goes back to Egypt.
Again begging the questions Would he not still have the same (if any ) repercussions from his crime ?
If he had no crime to answer for why did he run in the first place ?
but mostly, Why is the great all powerful creator of the universe choosing to work through a gullible half wit.

We then return to Egypt where Moses engages in a series of cheap parlour tricks with the court magician to try to extract the "poor slave israelite nation".

This fails so the god of love brings about a series of natural disasters causing suffering and death to millions of Egyptians but pharoah remains unconvinced to "letz de peeplz goez ! "
Eventually with the tenth and final "plague" Pharoah relents and these "poor slaves" gather all their belongings and herds ???? and set about leaving.
Pharoah, then inexplicably changes his mind (you would have thought the collapse of his civilization a bit more pressing) and decides to go after the "millions" of Israelites with 600 chariots.

De lawd again comes to the rescue not by relocating the Israelites or just causing the chariots to get lost/ lose wheels/not see the Isrealites butin another repeat of the Sargon legend and by showing his love and mercy, by drowning fucking the lot.

You would now imagine that Moses would be public enemy no.1, but he seems to slip out of the egyptian conciousness and then manages to get lost in the desert.

His father in-law finds him when no-one not even moses knows where he is,and after a point is made of Jethro leaving again, three days later, god amazingly appears "with fire smoke and thunder"
How long would it take a few obedient men to prepare a smoke screen

Moses thens has a big pow- wow with the omnipotent one. Who for some reason seems to need to relieve the ex- slaves of all their gold and finery to make a box, some furniture and a fancy tent.

It seems patently obvious to me that Jethro, Moses father In-law was the guiding force behind Moses's actions. I also wonder whether Jethro and Aaron, Moses brother were one and the same ?
I also suspect this account was written long after the facts and the facts merged to become entertaining stories, then myth and later religion.

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