Monday, 24 March 2008

3rd Recap

What have we got?
We may have at last got a vague time frame.Although the existence of Sodom and Gomorrah is still disputed by some, those that do accept them as fact, tend to agree they fell between 2500-2200 BCE.Is this not around the time given for the flood by the 6,000 year old earth theory pushed around by the religious wrong.
Which is it guy's and gal's can't have it both way's ? Even if the flood preceded this by a couple of hundred years we are still aware of many thriving cultures both locally and around the world at this time.
We are tracking one branch of a family tree that due to repetitive elements must have come from an oral tradition, quite possibly formalized as songs.
God appears often but these early narratives seems to be almost if not completely impotent on his own. Needing his agents, either angels or the family of Abraham to do things for him. With the obvious exception that he is given as the cause of natural disasters.
WE see here already some translation difficulties are beginning to be shown as in, was she turned to salt or did she disappear for a perfectly natural reason ?
Are these genuine mistakes or were they attempts by the early church to make the stories fit the myths ?
Raising of stones is something that occurs over much of the world, mostly if not always for astrological observations, but as far as we know the anointing of stones with oil seems to hold more connections with Hinduism from India.
This is not 100% of a surprise as the already recurring numeric details hint at an astrological base for these Abrahmic myths.
These early stories have it all. Excitement, Murder, Intrigue, Sex and Death the only thing missing is irrefutable facts. So far the only things100% factual are slime pits and the city of Ur.


Tex's Missus said...

This is why I love your Blog - I stumble over here feeling like crap, but am always treated to a good belly laugh or to and so always skip away feeling a bit brighter and sunnier :) Thanks Baal !

Baal's Bum said...

You don't need to come here for a good laugh jeez yer hubby has a harley if that don't tickle your giggling gear nothing will. Thanks for the feedback its good to know I am hitting the spot.